Cynthia Canady

International Business Legal Specialist

Daniel T. Colbert

Battery Technology Development Specialist and President of Colbert Venture Consulting, LLC

David Cox

EVP for Ionex Energy Storage Systems (Director Business development) and President of Falcon Green Energy (solar developer) and a managing partner in Electric Storage Partners, LLC, while periodically helping Calbattery develop cleantech business relationships .

Dave Dorheim

International battery industry expert

Lee Harrison

Specialist in federal Government relations and professional tech writer, Boston

Bill MacKenzie

Manager (former) New Products at Apple; Director (former) Product Programs at Palm; supply chain specialist

Mike Manahan

A Financial and Accounting specialist advising start up companies in structuring strategic relationships and is consulting for Calbattery on an ongoing basis.

Arumugam Manthiram, PhD

Director of Texas Materials Institute & Director of Material Science & Engineering, University Texas at Austin

David Swan, PhD

Expert Battery Engineering and Development Consultant

Richard Toubman

Vantera Partners, capital formation specialist, Newport Beach, CA

Dan Vogler

A successful Austin businessman and software product developer, Dan is acting CTO of Ionex Energy Storage Systems (investor in Calbattery) a founding partner in Electric Storage Partners, LLC and Falcon Green Energy and assists CalBattery in engineering support and business development on an ongoing basis.